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    Welcome to Dr.Farahat Site

    Dr. A. M. Farahat is a Professor at the Institute of National Planning (INP), Cairo, EGYPT since July 1985. He is also a former Director and transport Regional Adviser at the United Nations.
    He graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University in July 1964 where he started his career as a Production Engineer in Helwan Jet Engines Factory (F135) till June 1971. In 1971 he joined INP as a Planning Researcher where he pursued his academic career and got his Ph.D. in 1974 from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University on the “Application of Operations Research Techniques in the Maritime Transportation in Egypt.
    In the period from Nov. 1980 till the end of Dec. 1987, Dr. Farahat was seconded from the Egyptian Government to the United Nations as a Regional Adviser on Transport in Western Asia. In this capacity he developed his regional expertese through more than 50 (fifty) field missions upon request to the transport departments of Arab countries in the region in areas pertaining to the preparation, implementation, follow-up and evaluation of their transport policies, plans and projects.
    Between March 1993 and May 1996, Dr. Farahat served as a Project Coordinator for the UNDP government-executed “Regional/Infrastructural Planning” project in Egypt, an institutional regional planning capacity-building effort within the Economic Reform and Structural Adjustment Program of the nineties.
    Dr. Farahat served in the period between May 1996 and November 2004 as a Director in the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA) where he encumbered the posts of:
    (a) Director of the Sectoral Issues and Policies Division, a division encompassing transport, industry, agriculture and technology sections of the Commission.
    (b) Director of the Program Planning and Technical Cooperation Division.
    (c) Director of the Information and Communications Division.
    Among his achievements during this period are the regional preparations for the World Summit for Information Society (WSIS) and the launching of ESCWA’s Integrated Transport System for Arab Mashreq (ITSAM). On several occasions, Dr. Farahat served as an Inter-Regional Adviser for the Department of Technical Cooperation for Development (DTCD) of the United Nations, New York, e.g. Nigeria (1990) and Libya (2005) as well as a Program Evaluator for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa in connection with the second UN Transport and Communications Decade in Africa (UNTACDA II).
    He is also an Accredited Consultant Engineer on transport-related aspects.
    In the period from April 2006 till June 2009, Dr. Farahat led INP team-as Egypt’s Participating Institution-(PI) of the “Socio-economic Development and Benefits Sharing (SDBS)” project of the Nile Basin Initiative in Africa.
    From November 2011 till 30 June 2012, A.M.Farahat served as Chief-of-staff of the office of H.E. the Minister of Planning when he- under the supervision of H.E. -directed the formation of “Egypt’s 2012-2013 National Development Plan”, the “Planning Reform Conference” of INP and led the Planning Committee in charge of formulating the “Income Doubling Plan: A Ten Year Strategic Framework” which was adopted by the Cabinet in its meeting no.27 on 26 July 2012.
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